Logos: identity embodied

Logos: Identity Embodied

A logo is a small space with big impact. It’s the face of your brand, the first thing customers see, and the key to making a lasting impression.

Azure Adoption online and print game

Azure Adoption Game

Gamification makes learning fun! And we had fun bringing the Azure Adoption game to life, providing updated graphics, branding, professional printing, and presentation.

Reading Progress and Reading Coach email campaign

Reading Progress and Reading Coach Emails

To help showcase some super cool capabilities that help students build reading fluency, we created emails featuring GIFs and faux videos. Showcasing the products in action made it easier for readers to understand how the features work.

Audience segmentation email campaign

Audience segmentation email campaigns thumbnail image

The job concerns of a teacher and an IT Admin are very different. To give each the information they need to be successful with Microsoft Teams for Education, we assessed usage levels and tailored the content, providing four distinct emails with varying copy and design.

Fall Mailer

Fall Mailer Banner

We wanted to reach out to our clients, suppliers, partners…simply, the friends of Inviso, to say “Hi, welcome to fall!” In lieu of a more traditional autumn theme, we chose the fun route, with a snappy dance video that hits every beat.

5G and Azure Infographic

5G and Azure Infographic Thumbnail

Conveying the complex in a clear, reader-friendly way is a challenge, and 5G is pretty high up there on the complexity list.

Minecraft Newsletter

Minecraft Newsletter Campaign Thumbnail

We love working on Minecraft: Education Edition projects. The brand is playful and engaging. We created a custom header banner for the team’s on-going newsletter that highlights characters from the newest Minecraft Education experience: Peace Builders. In the same issue, we also got to create story art and a custom GIF that brings Minecraft characters to life.