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You don’t need another article telling you why video is king. Or queen. We all know it by now. Right? If you’re a business, you need video content to connect with, engage, and retain customers. 

The same holds true for B2B content. While not as lauded and passed around as catchy product videos or social campaigns, B2B videos are having a bit of a renaissance. Companies are wising up. They’ve learned, just because the product isn’t “sexy,” doesn’t mean it can’t have a wow-inducing video to promote it. You need to entice a vendor to try your software? Heck yes, you’re allowed to make them laugh. Or think. Or just keep them glued to their screen. 

So, if you’re wondering how to take your B2B communications up a notch, we’ve put together this collection of B2B videos that really sing. And they aren’t all six-figure productions. This compilation is proof that with smart writing and savvy production (note we didn’t say “expensive”) you can create content your partners will remember.  

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This video from Global V-Card Travel is a stand-out for one important reason: casting.  The production values are straight-forward, the graphics are simple, but casting takes this video from good to great in a single shot.

When you’re thinking about creating your own content, don’t skimp on talent! Finding actors who can be funny without trying too hard, who can handle industry-specific language, and who effortlessly communicate warmth on camera is well worth the extra time, and cost.

This video from Lenovo (which still holds up, even several years later) also benefits from smart writing and great casting. We love the idea of taking a customer “avatar” and making her real. Jane the “Power User” becomes a 3-dimensional character in this charming profile video and we relate…we know her. Or maybe we are her?

Connecting with the audience in this way—drawing them in to the struggles (and quirks) of the user is a great way to build brand love.

In this video from WorkWisdom there are no sets. No actors. No computer graphics. Not even any music. But it made our list because it’s a great example of using smart (affordable) creative to draw in an audience.

Even small companies need content. Should they have to sacrifice quality for the mighty dollar? We don’t think so. Using simple visual tricks, like the comic-style drawing in this video, is a great way to drive home your message without driving up the cost.


These videos from ZenDesk are great examples of quality over quantity. Sometimes it only takes one minute to get your message across. And by personifying both their client (businesses) and their client’s pain-point (relationships with customers) and turning them into likeable characters with funny things to say, ZenDesk has made us, as potential users, feel seen. And made themselves likeable in the process.

Likeability goes a long way when you’re building partnerships. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and poke a little fun. Is there a surprising way you could personify your own company’s struggles?

One of the biggest B2B hurdles out there is the training video. With so much necessary information to communicate, it can be challenging to rise above dry and still impart your message. This “interview with a cloud” is an amazing work-around for teaching people lightning safety. (Who knew there even was such a thing?!) It’s well-written, well-cast and well-animated.

Keeping your audience engaged and laughing while teaching them necessary skills is a tough nut to crack, but by turning a problem into a person, this video gets it done. 

If any of these have made you curious about how you can take your own B2B content to the next level, take the next step and find yourself a great production team. Look for a company, like Inviso, who understands the dynamics of B2B marketing. Find a partner who can push the creative envelope while still maintaining your core message.

At Inviso, we speak the language of B2B. If you’d like to find out more about what we can do to tell your story through video, reach out here.

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