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Much of the work we do at Inviso Marketing supports high-tech initiatives. Some of this work is around complex technologies at the forefront of innovation like 5G and quantum computing, and the use cases for these types of cutting-edge tech can seem futuristic. So it’s pretty amazing for us to be able to actually try out ChatGPT, seeing the power of AI harnessed at our (non-technical) fingertips. It’s like the future just arrived, BOOM!

We are psyched! Not just for use now (which is, so far, great fun) but also for the long-term potential.

We’re always looking for new tools that help us drive greater impact for clients. And to us, adding ChatGPT to our arsenal is a no-brainer…we’re already using it to help craft client copy. Note that we said “help” – it’s a tool, an additional content source our copywriters can draw upon.

In our experience, what we get from ChatGPT is not necessarily superior to human-created copy. What it does add is another opinion, another approach, other ideas. And the more ideas, the better.

Here’s an example. We’re asked ChatGPT to rewrite website copy about the email marketing services Inviso Marketing provides.

Our version:

You care about your goals, and so do we. We’ll work with you to understand the results you need, then take it from there.

  • We can help at any stage and with any email platform.
  • Save time and effort leveraging the expertise of our team of email specialists.
  • Deliver the right messaging at the right time with customized journeys and sends.
  • Get high “wow factor” design that grabs attention.

ChatGPT’s version:

At our creative services firm, we understand the importance of achieving your goals. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing expert email marketing services tailored to your specific needs. From platform selection to design and content creation, our team of email specialists will work with you every step of the way. With our help, you can save time and effort while delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. Plus, our high-impact designs will grab attention and drive results. Let us help you make a lasting impact with your email campaigns.

The Inviso Marketing version is punchier, formatted for easier consumption, and does a better job reflecting Inviso Marketing’s unique voice. That being said, the ChatGPT version is surprisingly good. Particularly since it took ChatGPT less than half a minute to generate!

As marketers and content creators, we’ll be able to draw upon this amazing tool to increase efficiency, validate ideas, and give us new ways to think about things. And that’s all for the good. We’re a fan of the future.

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