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What we’re thinking about: Accessibility

Few people are fortunate enough to navigate the world without encountering barriers. Accessibility helps break those barriers down, ensuring everyone can connect, learn, and engage without limitations.

We’re seeing more and more requests for help with accessibility. It’s on people’s radar, and for good reason. It helps level the playing field for everyone.

Which is easier for you to read

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What we’re tracking: Interesting uses of AI

A recent piece from The New York Times was a hot topic in our team chat: Can we distinguish AI-created images from real snapshots of people? We scoured for clues and took our best guesses. Some did better than others. Our scores ranged from a modest 30% to an impressive 90%.
Is it AI or not – you decide

Is it AI or not

What we’re loving: Fun GIFs

From Slack to Teams to texting, GIFs brighten up otherwise boring office communications, adding a bit of zest to help convey a feeling. Here’s a recent favorite, thanks Homer!

Homer Simpson backing into a hedge

What we’re learning: The magic of the right prompt

As we’ve all started to realize, the magic with AI lies in the questions you ask – the more thoughtfully crafted they are, the more impressive (or more interesting) the results. Here are this month’s standout prompts / special instructions from our team:

  • “Predict the next big trend in digital marketing with a twist of humor.”
  • “Compose a limerick about the joys and perils of remote working.”
  • “Create a slogan that makes our most technical service sound irresistibly simple.”
  • “Propose a new social media campaign that sounds absurd on the surface but could actually work.”
  • “Add a surfer vibe to the tone.” 

What we’re attending: B2B Marketing Exchange

We recently attended the B2B Marketing Exchange conference in Scottsdale and here are a few of our big takeaways:

  • Value-driven content is key: As buyer demographics evolve, there’s a clear preference for informative content without bias or filler. Ensure your content genuinely aids decision-making.
  • People aren’t linear, and neither is their buying process: With longer buying times and subscription-based services, traditional GTM paths are less relevant. Do your materials reflect changing patterns?
  • Embrace AI in marketing: AI’s impact on marketing is here to stay. Successful teams are leaning into new tools, even as themes like security, content ownership, and human voice remain hot topics. 

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