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Welcome to the latest edition of Friday5 from Inviso Marketing.

Where we bring you interesting design trends and inspiration. Dive in and discover what’s capturing our team’s attention!  


What we’re using:
3D Gradients 

One of the year’s biggest design trends is the use of 3D gradients, often with an irregular gradient that reads as abstract. The resulting images typically have an artistic sensibility, and our designers love that they can be adapted in a variety of interesting ways. Check out this video recap.


What we’re listening to: Podcasts

Walking the dog, folding laundry, gardening…these are all times we enjoy popping in our Airpods and turning on a podcast. Here are a few of our recent listens:

  • Creative Pep Talk is a weekly podcast companion for your creative journey, and always a fun, inspirational listen.
  • It’s Been a Minute: NPR takes on the topics everyone is talking about in modern culture, with a fresh eye.
  • Acquired tells the stories behind the world’s greatest companies in an artful, engaging way. It’s great for road trips!
A colorful drawing of snakes and flowers

What we’re watching: Everything

Summer is blockbuster season, but in between checking out an impressive lineup of new movies, we’re also revisiting some old favorites. It’s hard to beat Spider-Man for pure entertainment! And if you don’t feel like going to the theater, we’ve enjoyed streaming these at home – Hacks and Girls on the Bus.


What we’re learning: Why failure can be the greatest thing that can happen

As a creative team, we focus a lot on ads, so it takes something special for us to sit up and take notice. This inspirational ad from Brooks Running is a must-see, as Jeremy Renner shares the journey of his recovery from a devastating accident, and how mistakes can become superpowers.


What you may have missed: Pure joy

Everyone’s retirement party should be this much fun!

Video thumbnail showing a dog and its handler

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