Year end? Christmas in July? New Years in June? 

A brightly colored pile of gummy candy

If your business is part of the 35% of US firms that close their fiscal year on June 30th, you may be running ragged trying to get everything done on time.  

To stay energized, here are 10 ways to keep the year-end vibes high: 

  1. Toss around a beach ball. Maybe you can’t be on the beach, but you can still have some fun!  
  2. Chocolate. It’s a given, right? Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, maybe add a little caramel? Yum! 
  3. Go outside. Stand up, open the door, and touch grass. 
  4. Chair yoga. My grandma was right – surprise yourself & feel better in minutes. 
  5. Caffeine. Pick your poison: Diet Coke (is there any other choice?), cold brew, green tea, Red Bull, Celsius, or even a plain old drip coffee. 
  6. Laughter. Nothing lifts the spirits like a good dad joke or Office video!    
  7. Walk. Squeeze in time for a walk & come back refreshed. 
  8. Music. Boost your energy with good vibes. Hint: the “Happy Songs 2024 😊” playlist on Spotify is a favorite.  
  9. Boogie. Take a 5-minute desk dance break!  
  10. Sugar. When all else fails, eat a donut (or gummy bears or Skittles or Trollis… or all of the above)!  

So, go ahead. Take a break, have a laugh, and maybe even throw around a beach ball — you’ve got this! 

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