Head over heels for flipbooks

When flipbooks came on the scene, marketers weren’t sure they’d last. Couldn’t you achieve the same thing with a catalog or a website? Turns out the answer is a resounding no.

Interactive and engaging yet easily manageable, flipbooks fill a niche that people in this busy, content-overloaded world truly crave.

The flipping benefits 

Inviso’s clients have had huge success with flipbooks, and here’s why:

Guide your reader,
from start to finish

A website is wonderful for wandering, but a flipbook allows you to funnel your reader through a guided experience and keep them focused on your message, from start to finish.

Capture attention
and track results

Flipping through a catalog is satisfying, but with flipbooks, you can add animation and multimedia elements that keep readers hooked. They can respond in real-time, and you can track those click-throughs (and learn from them).

No wheel-reinventing

If you’ve created marketing materials that are working well for you, flipbooks allow you to get more mileage out of your hard work and bring those existing materials to life in a cohesive, compelling new way

Go ahead. Flip away. 

(For the best experience, view in the latest version of Microsoft Edge or in Chrome.)

Take advantage of our flipbook finesse

At Inviso, we know flipbooks and how to create them quickly and efficiently. After lots of exploration, we’ve found that FLIPHTML5 technology offers our clients the deepest customization, the most exciting multimedia and animation options, and the simplest methods for sharing via email and social media.