Presentation Design

Preparation. Collaboration. And checking your shoe for toilet paper before taking the stage.

These are the keys to a successful presentation. Inviso can help with two of the three. Whether you’re hosting a virtual event or pitching a new client, we can help you share your ideas in the cleanest, most engaging way possible.

  • Are your visuals not telling the whole story?
  • Trouble aligning icons? Need new icons?
  • Does your presentation need a makeover?

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The more you talk about your presentation and what you want to convey, the clearer and more refined your ideas become. We’ll work with you to distill your thoughts down to their purest form. From there, we’ll create a simple framework that will keep your presentation focused, impactful and on-brand.


When you partner with Inviso, you have a team of experts behind you to offer unique insights and help you gain a deeper understanding of the material you’re presenting. Getting feedback from others early in the process helps point you toward the most effective way to tell your story, and ensures that your ideas resonate with all sorts of personalities.


With a clean, visually compelling deck to back you up, your job as a presenter becomes considerably less stressful. Our designers are highly skilled at finding simple ways to present complex information. With well-designed graphics, animations and videos conveying the more complex pieces of your presentation, you’re freed up to tell the bigger story and connect with your audience on a more emotional level.


In the end, the most important thing you’ll gain by working with Inviso is confidence. We’ll help you hone your ideas. Then we’ll head off to create a clean, visually compelling deck that takes the pressure off you. That gives you the critical extra time you need to relax, put the final polish on your presentation and let any remaining jitters melt away to calm, cool excitement.

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