You can’t stop growth: Why spring is a great time to review your marketing materials

Two children ride bikes

This week, I finally began feeling like spring was arriving here in the greater Seattle area. Temperatures are inching up, the sun making a regular appearance, and people are anxious to get back outside. 

One of the activities my kids are eager to get back to is riding their bikes. A few days ago, we started pulling various items out of the way that were piled in front of them over the chilly, wet months: winter boots, snow gear, sleds, umbrellas, fall sporting equipment, etc.  

We finally got the bicycles outside, and while the kids were a bit wobbly at first, they picked up where they left off; zipping around the neighborhood, laughing, and having fun.  

As I watched them ride, I noticed their knees almost hitting their elbows as they reached the top of a pedal revolution. I realized that while the cold weather stopped the flowers from growing, it hadn’t stopped my kids. Their bodies had grown taller and stronger, but their bikes had not kept up. While they were able to operate and have fun with the bikes they had, I knew it was time for upgraded equipment better suited for their needs today.  

I often think of marketing in the same way. We so frequently create materials and put them out in the wild for consumption, but how often do we go back and review how well they are working?  

Have our users outgrown the tools we’ve created? Has the messaging changed? What new information do we have that could impact the materials we previously created? What could we improve on? Is there dated information that should no longer be published?  

While we can’t control change and growth, we can make sure both kids and businesses have tools that help them get ahead, and don’t hold them back. Spring is a great time to take a look at your marketing equipment and see what needs to be updated.  

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